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Guangzhou Xiaopeng Motors Technology Company Ltd., commonly known as XPeng Motors, or simply XPeng, is a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer. The company is headquartered in Guangzhou, with offices in Mountain View, California.

XPeng launched its new P7i sports sedan for the Chinese market

XPeng Inc. today officially launched its new P7i sports sedan for the Chinese market, bringing to customers its most advanced technologies with upgrades in driver assistance, smart cockpit, performance, and charging efficiency.

XPeng P7i Sports Sedan

XPeng P7i Sports Sedan

Pricing of the new P7i starts at RMB 249,900 (~ CDN$50,000 / €34,000 / US$36,000) and delivery will start this month for customers in China.

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Video » President of Chinese electric-vehicle maker Xpeng, Brain Gu, lays out their global expansion plan

In this Bloomberg Technology interview, XPeng Vice Chairman and President Brian Gu joins Emily Chang to discuss the company’s latest and globally-compliant electric SUV, the future of autonomous driving and the impact of supply chain issues.

Gu shares the company’s expansion plans to Europe, and weighs in on the commotion around U.S.-listed Chinese companies and tells how that might impact their expansion plans in the US down the road.

Nearly half of Chinese consumers said they will consider buying an EV for their next car purchase


Evelyn Cheng, CNBC »

When it comes to their favorite electric car brand, Chinese consumers’ top choice is Warren Buffett-backed BYD, according to a survey by Bernstein.

Elon Musk’s Tesla ranks second, and third on the list is Germany’s Volkswagen, Bernstein said. The firm cited the latest results from a regular survey of Chinese consumers in the third quarter of the last few years. This year’s survey, released Thursday, covered about 1,600 respondents.

Most of those surveyed lived in China’s larger cities, with an average age of 32 and monthly income of about 19,000 yuan ($2,969), the research firm.
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XPeng delivered 10,138 EV’s in October

XPeng P7


The electric vehicle maker delivered 10,138 cars last month, down from 10,412 in September. Still, that represented a 233% year-on-year increase and the second-straight month where XPeng delivered more than 10,000 cars.

October deliveries included 6,044 units of Xpeng’s P7 flagship sedan, representing a 187% year-on-year increase. Xpeng said it delivered 3,657 units of its G3 and G3i sports utility vehicle, reaching a monthly record since the vehicle’s launch in December 2018.

Xpeng also said it delivered 437 units of its P5 sedan, which officially launched in September.

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Chinese EV maker Xpeng plans to mass produce flying cars by 2024

TechCrunch »

Xpeng is planning to roll out the next generation of its ADAS, called Xpilot, to drivers in select cities during the first half of 2022. Xpilot 3.5 will feature “City Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP)” and will only be available to drivers of Xpeng’s P5 family sedan, which can be built with lidar, millimeter-wave radar and a 3D visual perception network that can recognize, classify and position multiple targets – all of which is essential for city-level NGP.

The last Xpilot version, 3.0, which was available to drivers of Xpeng’s P7 sedan, handled highway-level NGP, through which Xpeng was able to gather nearly 12 million kilometers, or 7.5 million miles, of data.

Xpilot 3.5 will have a strategic planning module with advanced prediction capabilities that uses a combination of rule-driven and data-driven AI to handle city scenarios, like avoiding static objects and vulnerable road users, as well as lane changing at any speed, according to Xpeng.

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This is a massive goal for the short term. A flying electric car, one that would be safe for the roads, would not be light and would require a massive amount of energy to travel by air for any usable time and distance.

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