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VW ID.Buzz passenger and cargo, short and long wheelbase versions. Campervan version expected in 2025.

AlpinCamper introduces its VW ID. Buzz all-electric camper

German brand AlpinCamper introduced the first converted Volkswagen ID. Buzz electric camper van at the CMT show in Stuttgart.

AlpinCamper introduces its VW ID.Buzz as a camper van for two people.

VW is expected to introduce a ID. Buzz camper version after the long wheelbase of the van is introduced in 2025. It is not yet confirmed, yet some speculate it may be called as the VW ID. California.

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VW confirms an electric California Campervan based on the ID. BUZZ is coming

VW ID.Buzz

Let’s hope VW brings the ID.California to North America. I’d buy one.

Thanos Pappas / Carscoops »

Volkswagen has confirmed the upcoming ID.California campervan based on the ID.Buzz. The project got greenlighted by today’s supervisory board meeting and is expected to reach the market in the second half of the decade.

According to the automaker, there is high demand for the California range in many countries, with orders significantly and continually increasing during the past few months. Thus, the board approved the capital expenditure for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to start the development of the first fully electric California.

The ID.California will expand VW’s range of campervans that currently includes the Caddy California micro camper, and the 6.1 California based on the Transporter. Back in 2017, VW showed us the Crafter-based California XXL concept however this hasn’t reached production yet.

The campervan variant of the ID.Buzz will ride on the MEB platform – probably using the longer wheelbase bodystyle as a base for maximum interior space. Given that it will be designed for longer trips, it will likely get the larger 111 kWh battery pack allowing for adequate range, plus providing power for camping-related appliances. In terms of design, the ID. California is expected to get the signature pop-up roof allowing passengers to stand inside the cabin and creating space for an extra sleeping area. It could also get a kitchenette, and clever storage compartments, benefiting from the flat floor of the electric architecture.

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Production Volkswagen ID Buzz EV van teased

White over Yellow two-tone VW ID. Buzz front view

VW ID. Buzz

CNET Road Show »

Volkswagen is finally almost ready to reveal the production version of the ID Buzz, the brand’s retro electric microbus, sneaking in our first real look at the van during the presentation of the ID 5 crossover. (Another more official image of a second Buzz was also released by VW’s vans division.) Unlike the previously shown prototypes and teasers, this ID Buzz’s design is the real deal: the final, customer-ready version without any camouflage beyond a psychedelic wrap. It looks damn good, and super close to the 2017 concept.

Compared to the concept, the production ID Buzz does have a number of changes, but the microbus style is still very much intact. The swept back headlights have a horizontal light bar that connect to the large VW emblem, which is higher up on the nose than the concept. All of the roof pillars except for the E-pillar at the very rear are now blacked out, but the production Buzz still has a slim set of windows at the front that hark back to the original models. The nose is a little more prominent now too, and the top of the windshield no longer juts out, but it’s still a much flatter and more cab-forward look than on any other vans on sale.

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Video » A preview of the VW ID. Buzz microbus EV minivan

The short-wheelbase version of the VW ID. Buzz microbus will be available in Europe in 2022. The long-wheelbase variant will be available in Europe, Canada, and the United States in 2023. Self-driving autonomous versions are targeted for 2025 for both sides of the Atlantic.

In 2023, the European market will get the ID. Buzz in a six-passenger-seat configuration, where those in the back have individually accessible seats, each with a private display screen. The 2024 North American passenger version is said to have a different interior seating configuration.

Both European and North American markets will get the ID. Buzz Cargo, a commercial van aimed at parcel delivery companies. Volkswagen is expecting a large market for a self-driving delivery van.

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