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Battery electric and plug-in hybrid model sales across the European Union made up just under 19% of all sales.

Battery electric vehicle sales jumped nearly 57% to more than 212,000 units, while plug-in hybrid models rose nearly 43% to more than 197,000 units.

But it compares with a 35% drop in sales for petrol cars – which still are the biggest sellers and account for nearly 40% of overall sales – and a more than 50% drop for diesel cars during the quarter.

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The head of Stellantis NV’s Peugeot brand said on Tuesday that during the first eight months of 2021 nearly 20% of the vehicles it sold in Europe were electrified.

Speaking at the Reuters Events Automotive Summit, Peugeot CEO Linda Jackson said that almost one fifth of sales in Europe were either fully electric or plug-in hybrids.

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