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One-third of Americans would consider an EV for their next vehicle purchase [Update]

34% of all respondents would consider an EV, while 31% said no. Among Democrats 50% said they would consider an EV, while 26% of Republicans and 27% of independents said they would consider.

There are now more than 80 EV models for sale in the United States. EVs represented nearly 6% of all U.S. sales in 2022, with EV sales up by more than 60% last year.

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Meanwhile, The Detroit Bureau writes »

Another survey finding that should surprise no one is that younger people are more open to switching to an EV than older people, in general. Among the Boomer generation, 87% are driving gas-powered vehicles, followed by 84% of Gen X people, and 75% of millennials.

Gen Z are the most likely people to drive an electrified vehicle (whether purely electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid), but 69% are still driving gas-fueled cars. Gen Z are also the most likely to report they don’t drive or don’t primarily use the same vehicle, and fewer among them have built up the resources and earning power to afford a new EV.

Tesla’s fifth adjustment since the start of 2023

Tesla has cut prices for its most expensive models, ranged from 4 percent on the performance version of the Model S to 9 percent on the more expensive Model X.

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Tesla slashed prices on its cars across all its markets in January, offering discounts of up to 20% in what many analysts saw as the start of a price war by the electric vehicle market leader.

It has been adjusting prices since with a pace and frequency that goes beyond what established automakers have attempted in an industry where a car’s base price is still referred to as a “sticker price” on a vehicle in inventory.

The Model S and Model X, which come in base all-wheel drive (AWD) and performance “Plaid” editions, represented about 4% of Tesla’s global deliveries in 2022. Its two cheaper models, the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover, made up the rest.

Polestar doubles revenues, boosts margins, prepares to launch two models in 2023

Polestar 3

Polestar 3

Electric vehicle maker Polestar reported an 84 percent increase in revenue for 2022 to roughly US$2.5 billion as it exceeded a 50,000-vehicle delivery target.

Its net loss for the year fell to US$466 million from more than US$1 billion in 2021.

Polestar, a Swedish premium and performance car electric car company, is owned by China-based Geely. Geely also owns Volvo.

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