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In anticipation of receiving billions in federal funds over the next five years, specifically for electric vehicles from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Whitmer’s directive is designed to support the state’s automotive industry while creating jobs and working to save drivers time and money.

“Right now, we have an historic opportunity to put Michiganders first and use the billions in funding we are expected to receive under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to save drivers time and money while creating good-paying clean energy jobs for Michiganders,” Whitmer said. “With this executive directive, we are getting ready to deliver critical resources to communities across Michigan, empowering them to build up electric vehicle charging infrastructure and help the state continue leading the future of mobility and electrification. This directive, along with ongoing tax credit incentives for consumers, will help boost Michigan’s economy as Michiganders continue purchasing electric vehicles and supporting the electrification of Ford, Stellantis, and GM. The new bipartisan infrastructure bill will build on work we have already done in this space and help us usher in a new era of prosperity for our state. I look forward to working with the legislature to invest these dollars and get the job done.”