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EVgo Introduces Autocharge+

EVgo Autocharge+ communicates between the registered vehicle and charger to enable plug-and-play charging without the need to sign in or pay with a card. EVgo said that the following models are currently eligible:

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Light EVs are all the rage in European cities. Could they be coming to North America?

‘Light electric vehicles’ are cheaper and more energy efficient than even standard EVs. But U.S. road regulations and city design may be holding them back.

As growing research shows, even electric vehicles are tough on the environment, due to the minerals required for their batteries, and the wear and tear on roads. “It’s just ridiculous to have that within the city,” Lutz says. Meanwhile, the Luvly, which starts at €10,000, weighs about 880 pounds (compared to 4,000 pounds for the average car), and is much more energy efficient than most EVs. It’s fitted with a smaller battery, uses less material (the exterior is recyclable thermo-plastic), and costs less to run.

Vehicles like this are common in European cities. They’re are known as quadricycles, which are a type of LEV, or light electric vehicle, an official classification that also includes e-scooters and e-bikes. Each country sets its own rules, but LEVs are generally allowed on highways, though Lutz, whose model can reach 90km/hr (56 mph), says that would be “an extreme use case.”

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The dominant Chinese EV market is slowing

After strong electric vehicle sales in 2022, the Chinese car market is facing a setback in growth in 2023.

Last year, 23.5 million new passenger cars were sold in China, a 10% increase from 2021, according to data from CEIC and the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM). Electric vehicles (battery electric [BEV] and plug-in hybrid electric [PHEV]) represented a share of around 26%, in units almost double the 2021 number. This strongly contributed to the general car sales growth figures, especially in the final four months of last year. Fully electric cars (BEV) sales represented almost three-quarters of total Chinese EV sales.

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Buyer demand prompts builder to install Level 2 EV chargers in Vancouver residential buildings

A new multi-unit residential development in East Vancouver is getting 110 Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations after would-be buyers responded overwhelmingly to the choice of the optional upgrade.

The City of Vancouver’s building code, amended in 2018, requires new multi-family residential buildings must be 100 per cent EV-ready. All parking spaces for residents must have an energized outlet capable of providing Level 2 charging or higher.

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EV charging infrastructure at motorway services across UK are receiving a much needed upgrade

National Highways has made an £8 million investment in energy storage systems, destined for motorway service stations where the electricity supply is insufficient at present.

The seven motorway services identified for the energy storage system roll-out are:

Beaconsfield on the M40
Corley on the M6 northbound
Clacket Lane on the M25, both eastbound and westbound
Maidstone on the M20
Taunton on the M5 northbound
Tebay on the M6 northbound

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