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New analysis from LV= Britannia Rescue, a provider of breakdown cover in the UK, shows that electric vehicles (EV) are three times more likely to break down because of tyre or wheel issues, compared to problems with the battery.

LV= Britannia Rescue’s research looked into its breakdown call outs over the last three years. The analysis highlighted that 37% of the time EV drivers get in touch because they have encountered tyre or wheel issues, compared with just 11% for running out of charge.

“Range anxiety has been built up to be a thing for people to be concerned about when it comes to going green, but our data shows that in reality it’s a very rare issue for electric car drivers,” said Henry Topham, Managing Director of LV= Britannia Rescue.

Issues with the tyres or wheels are often associated with the heavier weight of EVs, which can be up to 50% heavier than petrol or diesel models.