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The US electric car market continues to grow rapidly » Nearly 6% of new car sales in 2022 were fully-electric

CleanTechnica reports that in 2022, approximately 5.7% of US new car sales were battery electric vehicles (BEV), up from 3.2% in 2021.

Tesla continues to dominate the US electric car sales market, which can make it seem as though not much is changing here. However, the biggest story is probably that the US electric car market as a whole continues to grow strongly. In 2022, our analysis shows that BEV sales increased 65% compared to 2021. (Note: there are a few models we don’t track since automakers don’t split out BEV sales of a model from ICE sales of a model, or don’t report sales at all — but these sales are negligible in the grand scheme of the US BEV market.)

Just looking at the 4th quarter, BEV sales were 72% higher than in the 4th quarter of 2021! So, the sales growth is apparently only speeding up even as the market gets bigger — for now, at least.

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Buyer demand prompts builder to install Level 2 EV chargers in Vancouver residential buildings

A new multi-unit residential development in East Vancouver is getting 110 Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations after would-be buyers responded overwhelmingly to the choice of the optional upgrade.

The City of Vancouver’s building code, amended in 2018, requires new multi-family residential buildings must be 100 per cent EV-ready. All parking spaces for residents must have an energized outlet capable of providing Level 2 charging or higher.

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J.D. Power study shows EV customers want the usual » Styling, Quality, Reliability, Safety, and Technology

According to the latest J.D. Power Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Ownership Study, Rivian owners really like their R1T electric pickups.

As mainstream customers enter the electric vehicle market, they are focusing on the same things that have mattered them in the past — styling, quality, reliability, safety, technology — according to the latest annual study of EV owners by J.D. Power.

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Nissan is accelerating its electrification strategy because customers prefer EVs

In response to changes in customer needs and the business environment, Nissan has revised its plan to further accelerate electrification.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. just announced they will be introducing 27 new electrified models, including 19 new EVs, by fiscal year 2030.

In November 2021, Nissan had announced they would have 23 electrified vehicles, including 15 EVs, by 2030.

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Nissan now using heavy-duty electric transport trucks to deliver EVs to dealerships in California

Nissan battery electric vehicle (BEV) Class 8 truck is delivering new Ariya EVs to the Downey Nissan dealership in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Nissan is now using two battery electric vehicle (BEV) Class 8 trucks to deliver new vehicles from the Port of Los Angeles to dealerships in the Los Angeles region.

The first dealership deliveries with the BEV trucks, to Downey Nissan in California, included Nissan’s all-new, all-electric crossover, the 2023 Ariya EV. The crossover offers an option for everyone with eight well-equipped grade levels. Ariya FWD trims are on sale now, with deliveries of e-4ORCE all-wheel-drive trims to follow this spring.

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Most auto executives agree the transition to EVs is inevitable

How rapidly to make the switch is another question, and the one that is driving divergent strategies.

Ryan Felton, of the Wall Street Journal, reports traditional auto makers have pledged to transform their model lineups to EVs, but timelines vary.

Focused mostly on the profits, car makers do not want to get ahead of consumer demand on EV rollout. That could inflate their costs and hurt sales of ICE-powered vehicles, profits from which are needed to develop electric vehicles.

However, they know that lagging behind rivals would harm their chances to establish themselves in a major growth area over the next decades.

“We don’t want to risk missing the market,” Volvo Car AB Chief Executive Jim Rowan said during an earnings call this month. The Swedish auto maker is among those seeking to rapidly evolve into an electric-only manufacturer, saying it will offer an all-EV lineup by 2030. Last year, 11% of Volvo’s vehicle sales were electric.

VW Wolfsburg transforming from ICE to EV

Europe’s largest car manufacturing complex – Volkswagen‘s main plant in Germany – is launching a massive retraining campaign to train and develop production employees for upcoming electric models.

Following on from the Zwickau and Emden passenger car plants, the Wolfsburg factory will also become an electric vehicle factory over the next few years, VW says. This fundamental transformation is not only to be grounded in specialist training, but also has an emotional side: The Wolfsburg factory has opened an eMotionRoom where over the coming months 22,000 production employees can enjoy an entertaining experience of the transformation process from ICE to electric vehicles.

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