In a speech to Canadian auto industry insiders in Toronto this week, Toyota Canada President & CEO Larry Hutchinson stated the company is commitment to reduce carbon emissions. Yet in the same speech Hutchinson took the opposite stance, disagreeing with the Canadian federal government’s proposed approach.

Even after Toyota receive criticism around the world for its similar stance, Toyota continues to be an electrification laggard, working against the prioritization of zero emission vehicles, preferring instead to measure Green House Gases (GHG) emission reductions across the total vehicle fleet. This fleet approach as been tried and failed for decades.

Hutchinson hopes, on behalf of Toyota, to pressure the Canadian government to implement strategies that are more in line with Toyota’s corporate priorities.

Previously, Toyota has blamed a lack of government guidelines for slow EV adoption.

Meanwhile, Toyota has but one ZEV on offer to the global market, with total sales of the oddly named Toyota bZ4x in the USA reaching only some 1,220 units in 2022.

Almost immediately after delivering the EV to customers, Toyota announced a safety recall for the bZ4X, acknowledging that wheels might detach from the car because of malfunctioning hub bolts and asking customers to stop driving the vehicle. Toyota managed to sell only 258 bZ4X EVs prior to the recall.

Previously, ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Toyota were named the world’s most obstructive to national climate crisis policies.

Perhaps there are reasons other reason that motivate Hutchinson to spread his brand of disinformation. Perhaps Toyota and Toyota Canada should concentrate on its internal problems instead of working against the health of Canadians and the environment.