During the Tesla Q3 2021 Earnings Call this week, Martin Viecha, Senior Director of Investor Relations at Tesla acknowledged that “Supercharger wait times have become untenable at some locations.”

Zach Kirkhorn, the company’s Chief Financial Officer responded »

Yeah. And on the Supercharger side, the supercharging team monitors congestion and plans expansion to ensure customer experience with minimal wait times alongside the growth in our vehicle fleet. While we certainly have work to do in expanding capacity in some congested areas, average congestion on the network has decreased over the past 18 months. Nonetheless, we’re not standing still.

We are executing accelerating expansion plans globally. The network has doubled in the last 18 months, and we are planning to triple it over the next two years. And even so on an individual-site basis to combat existing congestion more quickly where it is isolated and problematic, we expedite local relief sites, deploy mobile Superchargers, and we try to introduce pricing strategies that encourage more off-peak usage to avoid the waiting.

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