SEA Electric has made the next step in its journey to electrify the world’s commercial vehicle fleet, by signing a significant Memorandum of Understanding with MEVCO (Mining Electric Vehicle Company), a leading systems integrator focused exclusively on electric light commercial vehicles within the mining industry.

The partnership will mean 8,500 Toyota Hilux and Landcruisers will be converted to all-electric for the mining industry, over the next five years.

Toyota offers only one all-electric vehicle, globally, the bZ4X, and then only in very limited numbers. Toyota has staked out a pretty staunch “hybrids-only” approach to its vehicle lineup, and it’s pretty safe to say that the Japanese carmaker has not been favourably disposed to converting to an all-electric lineup. This has opened the door for others.

At the time of the announcement, more than half of the 2023 allocation of the Australian-developed battery-electric vehicles have been pre-sold, with demonstration models available in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

Available in various mining-specific designs for 4×4 and 4×2 configurations, the vehicles can be specified with two SEA-Drive options, namely an 88kWh battery which provides 380km of range, or a 60kWh battery delivering up to 260km of use.

Fast DC to DC charging is available for the system, which reportedly provides up to 80 percent battery power in less than one hour.

For users, the switch to EV provides a comfortable work environment, with health and safety considerations including no noise, fumes, heat, or vibrations.

The deal has a total value of close to AU$1 Billion (~ CDN$927M / US$692 M)

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