The main drivers of this doubling of profitability will be the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV (priced from £129,170 / C$209,000 / US$155,000) and its next level luxurious Maybach models.

In a February 17, 2023 release the company said ::

The company is taking a prudent view and sees unit sales of Mercedes-Benz Cars at the prior-year level. Overall Top-End vehicle sales are expected to be slightly above prior year, thanks to new additions to the portfolio, including the new EQS SUV and later the Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV. Sales of battery electric vehicles (BEV) are expected to approximately double. The adjusted Return on Sales (RoS) is expected in the range of 12% to 14%. Net pricing is expected to be slightly positive. Based on current assumptions it is targeted to compensate inflation-related cost increases, supply chain interruptions and one-time commodity charges. The used vehicle business is expected to be slightly negative versus 2022. Research & Development spending is expected to be slightly above the prior year. Investments in property plant & equipment are seen significantly above, mainly due to the MMA platform.

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