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This new £22k EV could be Britain’s (Europe’s?) cheapest electric car. This is the new affordable EV that you’ve probably never heard of, unless you live in China. New Chinese brand Ora exclusively make ground-up EVs and they are part of the huge GWM (Great Wall Motors) group. Jonny’s walk-around was as detailed as we could make without driving the Cat.

The stand out specs here are that it will start at £25k without any government incentive discount, it will have a range of 209 miles to 261 miles (depending on whether you choose the 48kWh or 63kWh battery pack) and it will be able to CCS rapid charge up to 80Kw as standard. There’s also 3-phase 11kW as standand, heated massage seats as standard and wireless Apple Carplay and Android thingy.

Jonny thinks the Cat has something fascinating about it. We don’t get completely new car brands entering the market often, so it’s good to see a 5yr warranty (8yr for the batteries) Chinese car turning up for 2022 delivery in Europe, and taking the fight to Vauxhall, Renault, Peugeot, MG (who are Chinese, remember) and VW.

What do you think of the styling? There’s plenty of Mini One, Porsche, later VW Beetle and (inside at least) current Fiat 500 going on. The Chinese are good at emulating existing designs (like the Japanese did in order to conquer western markets) but this seems to blend old and new, with a funky outcome. Performance will be average for class – 0-62 in 8.5 secs from the FWD 171ps 250nm front motor and 100mph top end.

Jonny hopes the spec list allows for retro wheels and colour palette. With the UK gov discount for plug-in cars this will start at £22,500. The Nissan Leaf wishes it looked this interesting.

Ora Cat
Length – 4235mm
Width – 1825mm
Height – 1596mm
Wheelbase – 2650mm

Vs Rivals:
MG ZS = 79mm longer
Leaf = 255mm longer
Zoe = 148mm shorter
ID.3 = 26mm longer
Corsa e = 175mm shorter

Cat 1510kg

Vs Rivals:
MG ZS -8kg
Leaf 40kWh +70kg
Zoe 52Kwh -8kg
ID.3 +271kg
Corsa e +20kg

Battery capacity options
48kWh or 63kWh

Range (WLTP combined)
209 miles / 336km (48kWh)
261 miles / 420km (63kWh)

CCS DC rapid up to 80kW
3-phase 11kW AC
6.6kW single phase AC
40 mins 10-80% (48kWh)
50 mins 10-80% (63kWh)

0 – 30mph / 50kph = 3.8 secs
0 – 62mph / 100kph = 8.5 secs
Top speed = 100mph / 160kph

126kW / 171PS front mounted, FWD
Torque = 250nm

Boot space (seats down)
Cat – 228 Litres

Corsa – 267L
e-208 – 311L
Zoe – 338L
e-C4 – 380L
ID.3 – 385L
Leaf – 435L

6 airbags, ESP, automatic e-call crash and breakdown assistance.
Euro N-Cap TBC.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 for intelligent cockpit /
Intel Mobileye for intelligent driving

Cameras and sensors
4 x cameras for 360-degree view + 1 front high perception cam for level 2.5 autonomous driving
5mm wave radar and 12 ultrasonic radars

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