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This new £22k EV could be Britain’s (Europe’s?) cheapest electric car. This is the new affordable EV that you’ve probably never heard of, unless you live in China. New Chinese brand Ora exclusively make ground-up EVs and they are part of the huge GWM (Great Wall Motors) group. Jonny’s walk-around was as detailed as we could make without driving the Cat.

The stand out specs here are that it will start at £25k without any government incentive discount, it will have a range of 209 miles to 261 miles (depending on whether you choose the 48kWh or 63kWh battery pack) and it will be able to CCS rapid charge up to 80Kw as standard. There’s also 3-phase 11kW as standand, heated massage seats as standard and wireless Apple Carplay and Android thingy.
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