Around 8.8 million barrels of gasoline were consumed daily in the U.S.A. in 2022. That’s down from 9.3 million barrels in 2019, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Part of the reason is a decline in the number of commuters. According to projections, by the end of 2023, 25% of professionals are expected to be working remotely. Prior to the pandemic, a mere 6% of professionals worked remotely. And, according to a McKinsey survey, 35% of Americans would work from home five days per week if they could and as of last year, and more than half had the opportunity to do so at least once per week.

But beyond the attraction of working from home, there’s the price of fuel, which a year ago was pushing $5 a gallon, hardly an incentive to want to hit the road. In contrast, the current national average is $3.45, according to AAA.

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Meanwhile, Ford claims their all-electric E-Transit van has saved 745,000 US gallons of gasoline to date, and it’s only been on the road for a year.