2023 Ford Ranger ‘teaser’

The new Ford will replaced the current Ranger T6 generation machine that was developed in Australia and has been on sale since 2011 in much of the world. It became available to North American customers in 2019. Ford plans to sell the new Ranger in more than 180 markets around the world.

This morning Ford Europe released a short video teaser that hints at the model’s design. See it below.

I’m interested to see the specs on the hybrid system. And to see Ford’s level of commitment to the future of our planet. We’ve heard the promises. It’s time to see if their actions match up.

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Due in 2023, the new Ranger looks to adopt styling cues inspired by its larger US-market sibling, the F-150, which itself is now available in all-electric Lightning form. That’s most evident at the front, where gaps in this prototype’s camouflage expose distinctive new headlight designs, but the overall proportions and silhouette look closely matched to the current Ranger.

Little is known about the Ranger’s PHEV powertrain, but Australian website CarExpert suggests it will be an electrified version of Ford’s venerable 2.3-litre turbo petrol Ecoboost engine, with electrical assistance bumping total output to some 362bhp and 502lb ft – far more than even the most potent version of the Ranger currently available.

“camouflaged” 2023 Ford Ranger pickup truck

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