ZEM is an electric vehicle designed by a group of college students at the Eindhoven University of Technology, in the Netherlands. It absorbs more carbon dioxide than it emits while it drives.


ZEM Zero Emission Mobility (Photocredit » Bart van Overbeeke)

An innovative technology called direct air capture, “traps” carbon dioxide (CO2) into a filter. Companies have been using this air-cleaning technology on large installations. The ZEM (zero emission mobility) team have adopted and implement the technology on a smaller scale so it could be used on their electric vehicle.

While driving, air moves through the car into the specially designed air-cleaning filter. This captures and stores CO2, allowing clear air to flow out of the vehicle, compensating for the total emissions over the lifetime of the vehicle.

Made from 3D-printed recycled plastics, its designers say it’s the world’s most sustainable car.

CO2 neutral mobility implies that the vehicle has zero carbon dioxide emissions during its production, use, and end-of-life phase.

Source » TU/ecomotive

ZEM (Photocredit: Bart van Overbeeke)

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