Toyota bZ4X

Toyota today announced the all-electric bZ4X, which they estimate will have a “range of up to 400 km per charge” for the front wheel drive model, will be in some Canadian markets in mid-2022.

The bZ4X will be available with AWD which Toyota is promoting as off-road capable.

The oddly named bZ4X, which was introduced in October, is Toyotas first battery electric vehicle (BEV) to be introduced in North America. (bZ is short for Beyond Zero). And while other manufactures are stepping up their fight to help save the climate, Toyota has only committed to being carbon neutral in another 30 years, by 2050.

Built on the BEV-dedicated e-TNGA platform, the Toyota bZ4X shares the same underbelly as the Subaru Solterra which was introduced last week.

Toyota did not announce any pricing for its first BEV to hit the North American market.

It should be noted that ExxonMobile, Cheveron, and Toyota are the three largest corporations lobbying against Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV).

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