Hyundai Nexo

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Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Euisun Chung has made a number of bold moves since he took the company’s reins late last year. He’s put more money into electric vehicles and orchestrated a deeper shift into the world of robotics. But another important part of his effort to transform the company from conventional carmaker to mobility giant involves embracing hydrogen-based technology. And on that front, the jury’s still out.

The experience of Song Young-jin shows just how tough it will be for Hyundai to succeed in a world increasingly embracing electric-battery-powered motors. The 38-year-old sales manager in Euiwang city bought a Hyundai Nexo, whose hydrogen-fuel-cell engine emits only water vapor, in March 2020. Wooed by Hyundai’s advertising, he felt a hydrogen car would be good for long commutes and better for the environment.

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