Fisker Ocean

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Intended to be one of the most sustainable and innovative vehicles available, the Ocean features plenty of clever amenities, is made partly of recycled materials and even features a rotating infotainment screen.

The Ocean is about 6 inches longer than a Honda CR-V and it rolls on a wheelbase that’s about 10 inches greater, so it’s kind of a ‘tweener. The vehicle is built on a platform that was initially developed by Magna Steyr — a company with a long history of assembling vehicles for various automakers — but this foundation has been heavily modified by Fisker. According to Henrik Fisker, about 90% of it has been changed. Still, starting with an existing architecture saved an enormous amount of time, helping Fisker develop this vehicle in about two and a half years instead of the four or so it usually takes. Among other things, this means owners will get more advanced technology than is usually available in new cars because the lead time is significantly less.

One of this vehicle’s signature features is the Revolve infotainment display, which should have the highest resolution in the automotive industry. At 17.1 inches, it’s absolutely huge, but that’s not it’s neatest trick. This screen actually rotates on the dashboard, going from a portrait orientation to landscape, so-called Hollywood Mode. The former is intended for when you’re driving, while the latter allows you to watch movies or consume other content when parked.

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