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Tom Voelk reviews the Lucid Air Grand Touring [video]

Tom Voelk checks out a Lucid Air Grand Touring with dual motor power.

Is the Lucid Air the most advanced EV money can buy? It’s certainly the most efficient. It also has the fastest charge speed if you travel often. And the EPA-rated range of 516 miles is the best in the business. Add mid-century modern design inside and out plus 3 second 0-60 sprints and it all adds up to an amazing automotive experience with ground breaking technology. But no automobile is perfect.

Tom Voelk reviews Toyota’s bZ4X

Independent motoring journalist Tom Voelk drives a front-wheel drive Toyota bZ4X Limited edition and finds it to be a solid performer with an excellent driving dynamic.

The Toyota bZ4X is available in front and all-wheel drive. It would be optimistic to believe this Toyota would achieve its official range of 400 km (252 mi). And it’s mediocre charging speed mean those who regularly travel long distances should probably consider other EVs.

Tom Voelk tests the redesigned 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV (Updated)

Independent motoring journalist Tom Voelk says the Chevrolet Bolt EUV (which is different from the Bolt EV) is affordable and yet packed with tech and features like available Super Cruise hands free driving.

In America, the 2023 compact crossover comes with a significant US$6,300 price reduction, from Chevrolet. Starting at US$28,195 (with destination) it’s one of the best deals in US for an electric vehicle. This makes it an amazing deal in the US. But not in Canada.

General Motors did not offer any price reductions to Chevy Bolts or Bolt EUVs purchased in Canada. Depending on the exchange rate of the day, the price reduction Americans received is equal to approximately CDN$10,000!

While it not the fastest charging EV available, it is worth noting that the US EPA claims the Chevy Bolt will save the average customers US$9,750 in fuel costs over five years compared with the average new vehicle of the same size. That’s US$2000 a year in fuel savings, not to mention greatly reduced emissions!

Updated » As of January 2023, the Chevy Bolt EUV base prices are

  • LT Trim »
    • CDN$43,147 in Canada
    • US$ 27,200 in the USA
  • Premium Trim »
    • CDN$46,647 in Canada
    • US$31,700 in the USA

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