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The Renault brand owned by Groupe Renault, a French multinational automobile manufacturer established in 1899.

10 cheapest EVs in the UK

Fiat 500 Electric

  1. Smart EQ fortwo » £17,850 (CDN$30,500 / USD$23,600)
  2. Smart EQ forfour » £18,285 (CDN$31,200 / USD$24,200)
  3. Fiat 500 » £20,495 (CDN$35,000 / USD$27,150)
  4. VW e-up! » £20,695 (CDN$35,300 / USD$27,400)
  5. Mini Electric » £26,000 (CDN$44,400 / USD$34,400)
  6. Mazda MX-30 » £26,045 (CDN$24,500 / USD$34,500)
  7. MG5 EV » £26,495 (CDN$45,200 / USD$35,100)
  8. Peugeot e-208 » £27,225 (CDN$46,500 / USD$36,050)
  9. Renault Zoe » £27,595 (CDN$47,100 / USD$36,550)
  10. Vauxhall Corsa-e » £27,805 (CDN$47,500 / USD$36,800)

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Renault Zoe, one of Europe’s most popular electric cars, has been given a zero-star Euro NCAP safety rating

Renault Zoe Euro NCAP Crash Test

Autocar »

The [Renault] Zoe previously held a five-star Euro NCAP rating but was entered into the tests following a substantial facelift last year which ushered in a bigger battery and extra power but also, the safety organisation notes, a new seat-mounted side airbag that protects just the occupant’s thorax, rather than the head and thorax as it did previously.

This change represents “a degradation in occupant protection”, according to Euro NCAP, which reported that in the side-pole-impact test, the “driver’s head directly impacted the intruding pole and head injury values indicated poor protection of this part of the body”.

Matthew Avery, Euro NCAP board member and chief research and strategy officer at Thatcham, told Autocar: “Every few years, Euro NCAP raises the bar by introducing new tests which either exploit new technologies or lift the hurdle to make manufacturers do better. If everyone is five-star, we need to lift the barrier.”

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Autocar picks it’s top 10 small EVs for 2021

Mini Electric

Autocar »

Admittedly, a small platform means less space for batteries and so the range of the following cars will never match the potential of larger alternatives. But a small battery also means a lower asking price, and if we’re talking about urban runabouts that do only the occasional longer journey, it’s arguable just how many owners would need more than, say, 180 miles of driving range.

  1. Peugeot e-208
  2. Fiat 500 Electric
  3. Vauxhall Corsa-e
  4. Renault Zoe
  5. Mini Electric
  6. BMW i3S
  7. Honda E
  8. Mazda MX-30
  9. Volkswagen e-Up
  10. DS 3 Crossback E-Tense

Only two of these small EVs are available to the North America market, the Mini Electric and the Mazda MX-30.

Video » CarGurus reviews the 2022 Renault Megane E-Tech Electric

2022 Renault Megane E-Tech Electric

Vicky Parrott reviews the Renault Megane E-Tech Electric is a brand new EV that is set to go on sale in 2022.

While the Megane name might be familiar in Europe, the E-Tech sits on a new EV platform co-developed by Renault and Nissan. It is designed to offer the comfort of a family car with the driving dynamics of a GTI.

In the UK, the Megane E-Tech is going to be available with two batteries » a 40kWh unit to give an official range of up to 186 miles, or a 60kWh with up to 292 miles of range.

Charging tops out at 130kW, which gives an 80% charge in approximately 30 minutes. Charging the car at home with a 7kW home wallbox will take about 10 hours.

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