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S.C. Automobile Dacia S.A., commonly known as Dacia, with headquarters in Mioveni, Romania, is owned by Groupe Renault. (Source » Wikipedia)

More than three-quarters of drivers do not want unnecessary technology in their cars

Dacia Spring Electric

More than three-quarters – 78 percent – of UK drivers want in-car technology that they deem as being useful in making life easier and more comfortable on the road, instead of high-end features that cause confusion and inevitably increase the cost of their new car.

The research by Dacia, a brand of the Renault Group, has revealed that 76 percent of car users think that too much technology in a vehicle can be distracting, while 61 percent would rather have a more affordable car with just the technology they actually use, instead of paying for pricier extras found on more expensive models that are hardly utilized.

For drivers that have a long list of technological features on their own car, around a third think that there are too many fitted in the first place, while 69 percent think that in-car technology has become too complicated.

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