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Porsche Mission R: The all-electric future of racing?

Porsche Mission R

Dan Neil / Wall Street Journal »

At the appointed time—last month, at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles—I was belted into the brutishly beautiful Mission R, in garnet-and-ivory livery. The team’s instructions were simple: Follow the pro driver in the car ahead for five laps and “if anything goes wrong, don’t touch anything,” said Matthias Scholz, director of GT race cars and lead toymaker. “Don’t try to fix it.” Like I’m getting out to spray ether into the carburetor.

Caution was warranted. With its roughly 3,300 pounds balanced against a combined peak output of 671 hp (1,073-hp in “Qualifying” mode), the Mission R has roughly the same power-to-weight ratio and lap-time performance as Porsche’s flagship turnkey racer, the 911 GT3 Cup car. Other nominals include 0-60 mph in less than 2.5 seconds, a top speed of 186 mph and over 2 g of lateral acceleration.

And bear in mind, Porsche made no obvious effort to make this example light. I feel like I could get 300 kg out of it with a flashlight and torx set.

Porsche has provided another peek at its electric future, in the form of the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo concept

Porsche Vision Gran Turismo Concept for the Gran Turismo video game

While the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo is a concept and not real, it provides a peak of future EVs Porsche envisions. And it’s exciting. Inspiring. Not boring.

Video below ⤵️

Autocar »

t would be easy to dismiss Porsche’s new virtual concept as a plaything with no real implications for the future of some of our favourite sports cars, but it took the company a total of two and a half years to complete – not much quicker than many series-production cars – and manufacturers simply don’t spend that amount of time and cash on flights of fancy.

Ignore the canopy opening, transparent gauges and trick movable flaps at the rear and, save for the conspicuous absence of certain comfort and safety features, the Vision Gran Turismo is so remarkably complete that it feels, contrary to what its designers say, more like a production-previewing concept.

Scott Collie / Car Expert »

Porsche has revealed its first virtual concept car.

The Porsche Vision Gran Turismo is the latest in a long line of digital concepts for the Gran Turismo racing game, and points to where Porsche plans to take its design language in the electric era.

Although it’s not real, the Vision GT is rooted in Porsche’s current design reality. The low-set headlights have the same four-point LED running light signature, and the lack of grilles or superfluous add-ons is in keeping with the rest of the current range.

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Formula E Unplugged video series

If you are interested in electric open-wheel racing, Formula E has released Formula E Unplugged, a 15-video race-by-race recap of Season 7.

They are assembled below, should you wish to binge-watch them all.

Episode 1 » The Start Of A New Era

A new season, a new challenge. Formula E returns to the streets of Diriyah, Saudi Arabia for another season of all-electric, single-seater racing. Jaguar Racing are hoping to make a statement with their new driver pairing, as team leader Mitch Evans is joined by Sam Bird, the British driver making a bold move after six successful seasons with the same team.

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Nissan has revealed a new electric single-seat race car concept

Nissan Ariya Single Seater

Autocar »

Called the Ariya Single Seater, it serves to demonstrate “how the all-electric Nissan Ariya road car powertrain could be used in a bespoke single seater racing car chassis”.

The firm has not yet confirmed that it plans to produce a functioning, full-sized example – nor indeed plans for a dedicated race series using the car – but Autocar understands that Nissan hopes to produce a working version for dynamic displays at Formula E races.

The concept is related to the production SUV in more than just name: the front is decorated with a similar, light-up V motif, while the side is claimed to take inspiration “from the Ariya’s fluid and efficient surfaces, exaggerated to a maximum in carbonfibre”.

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2021 Porsche Mission R » behind the wheel of a 1073 bhp concept

Porsche Mission R concept

Andrew Frankel / Autocar »

The powertrain is mighty: it has an 80kWh battery providing juice to front and rear motors that have a combined output of just under 1100bhp in qualifying mode. In race mode, which is what we’re restricted to today, it makes a trifling 670bhp. All out, it can hit 62mph from rest in less than 2.5sec and not stop accelerating until it hits 192mph, despite that high downforce and, as it turns out, predominantly ethically sourced natural flax fibre bodywork.

The interior is bewildering until you realise that, beside the steering, brake and accelerator, there’s a grand total of one control that you need to master, which is a switch on the wheel that makes the thing go.

Price €8 million (£6.74m, est) Engine Two electric motors Power 1085bhp (qualifying), 670bhp (race) Transmission single-speed, direct drive Kerb weight 1500kg 0-62mph less than 2.5sec Top speed 192mph Battery 80kWh

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Envision debut new colours for Formula E Season 8 at COP26

Formula E‘s Envision team livery was unveiled at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26).

Formula Spy »

Formula E – The first season 8 livery reveal happened today at COP26 as Envision unveiled their first car as full owners of a team.

Envision teamed up with Virgin Racing in season 5 at the start of the Gen 2 era and, after three seasons as the team’s title sponsor, will now take over from Virgin as the team now becomes Envision Racing.

“We would like to thank Virgin for all their support and wish them every success for the future,” said Envision Racing’s Managing Director, Sylvain Filippi. “We are raring to go for the new season and hugely motivated about the potential of Formula E in supporting sustainable progress.”

The team’s season 8 livery was also unveiled and marked itself as dramatically different to the silver, red and purple designs that had identified the team until now. The Envision team will now head to track with a green and blue paint job, which represents the company’s push for renewable energy.

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