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GMC is a division of General Motors for trucks and utility vehicles. GMC currently markets SUVs, pickup trucks, vans, and light-duty trucks. In the past, GMC produced fire trucks, ambulances, heavy-duty trucks, military vehicles, motorhomes, transit buses, and medium duty trucks. (Source » Wikipedia)

EVs could cost less than dinosaur-juice powered cars by the end of this year (2023)

Jack Ewing of The New York Times, makes the case that increased competition, government incentives, and falling prices for lithium and other battery materials are making electric vehicles more affordable, and could soon be on a par with more internal combustion (ICE) cars. Perhaps even by the end of 2023.

The battery-powered version of GM’s Equinox crossover, for example, will start around $30,000 when it arrives this fall, the carmaker has said. That is $3,400 more than the least expensive gasoline-fueled Equinox. But factoring in government incentives, the electric Equinox should be cheaper. Like all electric vehicles, the car will need less maintenance, and the electricity to power it will cost less than the gasoline used by its combustion engine equivalent.

The article also makes the point that the EV will require less maintenance, and “the electricity to power it will cost less than the gasoline used by its combustion engine equivalent.”

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GM starts deliveries of a 9,000-pound (4,082 kilograms) USD$110,295 (CDN$142,100) Godzilla, otherwise known as the GMC Hummer EV

GMC Hummer EV

Jody Serrano / Gizmodo »

More than a year after its unveiling, General Motors proudly announced that it was now delivering its Hummer EV Edition 1 Pickup, a 9,000-pound (4,082 kilograms) luxury electric beast with a 1,000-horsepower motor that can go from 0 to 60 mph (96 kph) in three seconds. The message: You can do your part to save the planet, if you’re rich that is.

In a press release on Friday, GM announced the beginning of “a new era” for the company, marked by the delivery of its first next-generation electric vehicles. Unfortunately, that new era is headlined by the Hummer EV Edition 1, a $110,295 car with an estimated 329 miles (529 kilometers) of range, “modular sky panels,” the ability to do a “crabwalk” and drive diagonally, and an “extract mode” to navigate over boulders and water.

Luckily, this isn’t GM’s last EV. The company, which is working towards selling only zero emission cars and trucks by 2035, has plans to release 30 new electric vehicles over the next four years. According to the release, two-thirds of those new cars will be available in North America.

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GMC Hummer EV pickup will get fewer miles range than promised

GMC Hummer EV

Deliveries of the USD$112,595 Hummer EV Edition 1 pickup truck to start in December. It will be classified as a heavy-duty pickup, with a tow rating of 7,500 pounds.

Detroit Free Press »

The first owners of the $112,595 GMC Hummer electric crew cab pickup will get slightly fewer miles range on a charge than they may have expected when the self-proclaimed super truck arrives in a few weeks.

The feature-laden Edition 1 model that will make up the first full year’s production at General Motor’s touted Factory ZERO in Detroit will be able to go 329 miles on a charge, tow up to 7,500 pounds and carry up to 1,300 pounds in its four-door cab and bed, GMC and Buick boss Duncan Aldred said Tuesday.

Previous GM statements cited an estimated 350-mile-plus range.

GM is now saying the Hummer Edition 1 will have a 329-mile range.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden’s visit last week to the General Motors plant that’s producing the GMC Hummer electric pickup caused a notable increase in reservations for the truck » CNBC

US President Joe Biden with GMC Hummer EV

US President Joe Biden drives a GMC Hummer EV to promote electric vehicle sales

President Joe Biden gets into a Hummer for a test drive at the General Motors Factory ZERO electric vehicle assembly plant during a tour of the plant, in Detroit, Michigan, Nov. 17, 2021. (Source » VOA)

Voice of America »

U.S. President Joe Biden took a spin in an electric Hummer on Wednesday, appealing to America’s love affair with the automobile to promote the sale of all-electric vehicles as motorists face sharply higher gasoline prices.

Biden arrived at the General Motors plant in Detroit, Michigan, in his presidential Cadillac limousine, nicknamed the “Beast” for its size, heavy armor and numerous extra options. He hopped out and got behind the wheel of the 1,000-horsepower Hummer.

“Anyone want to jump in the back, or on the roof?” Biden asked reporters after taking a few laps, screeching the tires for effect. “These suckers are something else!”

He told reporters he was not sure how fast he was driving.

Biden, out to highlight provisions of the trillion-dollar infrastructure package he championed and signed into law on Monday, visited an electric vehicle assembly plant at General Motors, the biggest U.S. carmaker in terms of light vehicle sales, that says it plans to go all-electric by 2035.

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The switch to EVs will create employment

David Welch / Bloomberg via The Detroit News 🔒 »

GM’s $30 billion push into EVs means adding assembly jobs. The automaker will open its once-idle Detroit-Hamtramck plant next week to make the Hummer EV and Chevrolet Silverado electric pickups, plus the Cruise Origin autonomous shuttle. That plant had 1,200 workers when it was threatened with closure in 2019 — it will have double that in two years. The former Saturn plant in Spring Hill, Tenn., will be making the Cadillac Lyriq and other electric models, adding workers along the way.

All in, United Auto Workers Vice President Terry Dittes told me that the union is gaining assembly jobs as automakers prepare for a decade or more in which consumers will buy both internal combustion and electric vehicles.

At its investor presentation on Oct. 6, GM showed a graph with about 40 vehicles for sale by its four brands today, with just a couple being EVs. By 2030, the company will offer 50 models for sale and more than half will be battery-powered. GM will need workers building both of them.

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GM to build a military prototype EV for the US Army based on the GMC Hummer EV

GMC Hummer EV


The plan is an early, but important, step in commercializing the automaker’s electric vehicle business, including a Hummer-based “electric Light Reconnaissance Vehicle,” or eLRV, for potential use by the Army, according to GM Defense President Steve duMont.

“The Army’s very excited about the fact that we’re investing in this,” he told CNBC during an interview at the automaker’s technology campus in Warren, Michigan. “The eLRV, that’s the first purpose built from the ground up, you saw it today, it’s our Hummer EV. Our Hummer EV is what we’re going to base that vehicle on.”

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The US$112,595 Hummer EV Edition 1 pickup truck is sold out

Morgan Korn, ABC News »

Customer deliveries of the Hummer EV Edition 1 begin in December. First-year production is completely sold out though a GM spokesperson declined to say how many are being built. The next Hummer EV, a sport utility vehicle, launches in the first quarter of 2023.

“The Hummer won’t have [Ford] F-Series volume here,” he told ABC News, referring to the top-selling truck in the U.S. for 44 straight years. “But GM does not have to sell a ton of Hummers for it to be a success. There are plenty of people out there ready to pay six figures for a high-image vehicle.”

K.C. Colwell, Car and Driver’s deputy testing director, expects the Hummer to be a big part of GM’s ambitious EV product plan.

“This is a halo product for GMC and for the Ultium battery technology,” he told ABC News, adding, “GMC has not had a halo product since the Typhoon,” a high-performance SUV that GM produced from 1991 to 1993.

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