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BrightDrop is a subsidiary of General Motors. Created in 2021, the brand targets first- and last-mile delivery customers, including light commercial electric vehicles. (Source » Wikipedia)

FedEx receives its first electric delivery vans from GM’s Brightdrop

GM BrightDrop

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By 2025, half of the new vans FedEx Express buys will be electric. By 2030, any new Fedex Express van purchase will be for an electric vehicle, and by 2040, every delivery vehicle across the company will be electric. It’s a critical move for the climate. But the shift is simultaneously helping make the typical delivery vehicle better in other ways.

Take the example of the company’s newest vehicle, from BrightDrop, GM’s recently launched electric delivery vehicle business. While some EV manufacturers “are taking their existing diesel architecture and just sort of cramming a battery into that,” says BrightDrop CEO Travis Katz, the new design is built from the ground up, meaning it’s possible to reimagine other features.

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Merchants Fleet orders more BrightDrop electric light commercial vehicles

BrightDrop EV410

BrightDrop EV410

Merchants Fleet, a US-based fleet management company, plans to expand its purchase order of BrightDrop electric vehicles with an additional 5,400 EV410s.

The EV410 order adds to the 12,600 EV600s slated to be integrated into the company’s fleet starting in 2023.

The recently unveiled mid-size EV410 electric light commercial vehicle (eLCV) has an estimated range of up to 250 miles on a full charge. The General Motors brand says the mid-size EV410 is well-suited for faster, smaller payload deliveries or as a last-mile and traditional service vehicle. The EV410 is also available with a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 10,000 pounds, reducing the need for additional operating licenses.

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